Program Areas

The Sidney E. Frank Foundation has four program areas: Arts, Education, Environment, and Medical and Life Sciences. Each of these focus areas are connected to each other through the shared goal of creating a more understanding, interconnected, and sustainable world.

The Foundation has developed as well two operating foundations: Tippet Rise Art Center, and the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation. These sister organizations offer programs in art, music, poetry, and nature to their local communities and the global digital audience.

The Foundation considers proposals by invitation.


The goal of our Arts grants is to celebrate great works of theatre, visual art, literature, and music by increasing access to the arts, and enriching the lives of young people and the public. 


The goal of our Education program is to provide all students with the opportunity to attain an excellent education. We focus on students in under-resourced schools, from disadvantaged communities, and first-generation college students. 


Our Environment program aims to limit the effects of global climate change. We support research and policy work, campaigns to raise public awareness and encourage action, and the development of sustainable technologies. 

Medical and Life Sciences

The goal of our Medical and Life Sciences program is to improve the quality of life for people experiencing celiac disease. 

Tippet Rise Fund

The Tippet Rise Fund supports organizations whose work and values are aligned with the Tippet Rise Art Center. Tippet Rise Art Center was created by Cathy and Peter Halstead, and is set on a 13,000 acre working ranch in Fishtail, Montana. It presents concerts by world-renowned classical musicians and exhibits large-scale contemporary outdoor sculptures. 

Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Fund

The Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Fund supports organizations whose work advances understanding and love of poetry and literature around the world, in collaboration with the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation.